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Hi! I'm Eugene.

I'm a game developer, blogger, and aspiring creative.

This space is for me to dive deeper into the things I'm interested in, ruminating about, and working on. You can think of this as my personal diary, portfolio and workstation, all rolled into one.

Reach out if:
  • you want to collab; or
  • there's any way I can help you!

What I'm working on

🎲 Board Games
  • 🐀  Rats 2 Riches​ - the rowdy racket is back with a ravishing refresh!

  • 🀄️  风水地火 - 'like mahjong but better'

  • 🚀  NiFTy Infinity - an NFT-themed fast-paced get-rich-quick game

  • 🃏  A Game of Cards - a card game about card games

  • 💭  Ethos - a philosophy strategy game

🕺🏼 Dance​
  • Popping​ - follow my dance progress on instagram!

  • a new genre (still undecided but if you have ideas or want to learn something together, hit me up!)

💎 Crypto​
  • Mostly invested in ETH​

  • Axie Infinity - player​, investor, breeder, scholarship manager​

  • very interested in Crypto Gaming: the amalgamation of game mechanics with economics and player-owned worlds​

📚 Books​​​

🧬 Health​
  • 🚿  been taking only cold showers for ~2 years​

  • 🥤  regularly drinking Huel for ~2 years

  •  💇🏻 been cutting my own hair for ~1 year

  • 💍  Got an Oura Ring last month to get more quantitative health data, more accurate feedback on my habits

🤡 Juggling​
  • been learning how to juggle for the past months, inspired by my Godparents who were inspired because of a Facebook post I shared in early 2021. Funny how the world works.

  • current record: 59 (December 2021)

🤼‍♂️ Combat Sports​
  • interested in picking up a combat sport in 2022 (Boxing, BJJ, Karate, MMA, Muay Thai, etc.)​

  • if you have recommendations or want to learn something together, hit me up!


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Can't tell you how much I love the navy
I see this as an ultimate win!

launching Rats to Riches at an event at the Greenheys Building in Manchester


Impressive and immaculate. Commissioning ceremony 2016.

Everybody's hustlin' for a buck and a dime

Taken at the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

Accelerate ME

Giving back to the start-up community in Manchester by sharing the Rats to Riches journey with the new batch of aspiring entrepreneurs

Rats x Accentuate

Celebrating the start of our licensing agreement partnership with Accentuate Games Ltd in style!


At a secluded Airbnb in Iceland, but still hustlin'